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Published Jan 10, 22
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Credo Mobile - Cell Phone Company Powering Progressive ... in Saint James City, Florida

Cell Phone Plans Less Than $20 Per Month, These cell phone plans cost less than $20 per month. While that might seem like a great deal - these plans are typically "bare bones" in what you get. Some of these are prepaid plans, so make sure you check out our guide on Prepaid vs.

Freedom, Pop offers a basic plan that is 100% free. Yes, free! You can get truly free monthly cell phone service. But, it's very limited. The basic plan is very limited at just 200 minutes, 500 text, and 500MB of data. However, even their other plans are very cheap if you need to upgrade.

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It's important to note that there are also activation fees and a charge to port your number. Scratch Wireless, The cheapest cell phone plan available currently is offered by . Their basic plan costs just $69 per year - but there are a lot of catches. First, you have to buy the phone from them, and you get no choice.

Credo Mobile - Cell Phone Company Powering Progressive ... in Saint James City, Florida

The $69 yearly cost only pays for calling over Wi, Fi and cellular texting. They give you the option of paying for Voice and Data Passes to make calls or use data and you can get 100 minutes for $7. 99 more, or $14. 99 a month for unlimited calls.

Red Pocket is another plan that offers a cheap basic level of service for just $10 per month. The $10 per month plan gets you 500 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data. Their plans go all the way up to unlimited, but even for just $5 more, you get 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts, and 1,000MB of data.

All of their plans are relatively inexpensive, and have no contracts. Mint, Mobile is an interesting cell phone service that sends you a SIM card to use with your phone. Mint, Mobile's pricing is pretty unique in that you pay up front. For example, to get the $15 per month deal, you prepay for three months in advance — they call it buying “wireless in bulk.”Their current deal gives you unlimited talk and text with 4GB of 4G LTE data for $15, as long as you purchase three months in advance.

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Plus, they recently launched their Unlimited Plan for $30 per month, which gives you unlimited domestic talk and text, and unlimited data! Right now, you can buy any 3-month Mint Mobile Plan, and get another 3 months free! Republic Wireless, Here's the full breakdown of and why we love them.

They allow you to use Wi, Fi and cell service for data, which can save you a lot of money. As a result, they pass that savings along to you. As a college student, every college campus, coffee shop, and likely your home, has Wi, Fi. As a result, you're going to be in Wi, Fi coverage and free data coverage almost all the time.

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As such, Republic Wireless has a lot of plan options that are all based on how much cell data you need to use. All of Republic Wireless' plans include unlimited talk and text for $15 and you can add 4G LTE cell data $5, which equals $20/mo + tax. Each additional 1 GB of data is $5/mo.

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The Project FI plan costs $20 for unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts, Wi, Fi tethering to use your phone as a hotspot and more. This plan is ideal for someone who needs to text international numbers or travels frequently, since Project Fi offers cellular coverage in 135 countries.

Because data isn't really included in their plans, and it can get costly if you max out (you're looking at an $80 bill), we couldn't put Project FI in our top picks. However, if you just use the basics, it can be a good choice. Cell Phone Plans More Than $20 Per Month, These plans cost more each month, but they usually come with a lot more features and options - like unlimited data and more.

Ting is another low cost cell phone provider that has an average bill of about $30 per month. Their cheapest plan starts at $10 per month and gets you unlimited talk and text and then you can add data for $5 per GB.Ting is unique in that it offers no additional costs for calling to over 60 countries.

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You can use your existing phone or buy a phone from them. Cricket Wireless was one of the original low cost cell phone providers that tried to change the game several years ago. Now, many companies offer similar pricing and plans, and Cricket hasn't really kept up. Cricket's main plan goes for $30 a month, and you get unlimited talk, 2GB and 4G LTE data.